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Motorcycle Boot Shifter Protector

Looking for a handy way to protect your shoes while on the bike? This Boot Shifter Protector will do the job! It includes a shift guard and protective gear paks on one piece, making it a straightforward and simple solution.

Motorcycle Boot Shifter Protector Ebay

Looking to protect your bike with this Boot Shifter protector? This Shifter Protector will hinder your movement if you need to shift to another gear without booting up the bike, keep your Boot shift safe with this protectant. This protectant is designed to protect the gear shift cover on motorcycles, it works by interference between the Boot Protector and the sock-like boot. The protectant causes the gear shift cover to protect against interference and scratching, this product is a motorcycle gear shift guard and shoe Boot Protector cover. It is fabricated of tpu and it is designed to protect against damage to the gear shift and boot, the Boot Protector also features a protector's guard to keep it from turning into a number of pieces when in use. This Boot Shifter Protector is produced of rubber to protect your boots when you're working on your bike, it's also resistant to produced to keep your shoes on your feet.